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DuMyon Martial Arts

2018 3rd Quarter Report

My main goal 2018 is to work on establishing programs as academic entity for not only training students but also training future instructors/assistant instructors. My second goal is promoting and informing more agencies of DuMyon programs.

Rocky Mountain Health Care Services / Brain Injury BrainCare became a partner as of January 2017 with 7 students (currently 14 students). Christine Mann, staff member of BrainCare, is in the assistant instructor’s program and coach of Team BrainCare. She earned her 1st Degree Black Belt in May 2018.

Mosaic became a partner as of August 2015 with 5 students, ages 21-76 yrs old. We currently have 9 students. Classes are conducted at Traditional Martial Arts. Tim Grove, staff member of Mosaic, is in the assistant instructor’s program and coach of Team Mosaic.

Our House became a partner as of October 2016 with 27 students, ages 17-44yrs old. We currently 35 students. Classes are conducted at Traditional Martial Arts. Kerry Page is in the assistant instructor’s program and is the coach of Team Our House. Allison Migneault assists. Kerry was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in May 2018.

3rd Quarter Program Activities

Team DuMyon surprised the CHS 3rd BlackBelt Symposium with their forms they prepared for competition at the 10th Annual US Open Hanmadang in June 2018.

During CHS Martial Arts 3rd BlackBelt Guild Testing May 26th (held every three years), students of DuMyon performed their competition forms in front a most prestige group of Board members. Three fourth degree Masters, three 7th degree GrandMasters, an 8th degree Hanshi & a 9th degree GrandMaster.

*May 29th, attended the BrainCare class with GM Nicholls and GM Torres to meet with students.

*June 7th, attended Colorado Nonprofit Association (CNA) roundtable meeting. Topic was “Are you ready for Holiday Giving Campaigns”

*June 8th, attended Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) coffee talk meeting which covered “How does the New Tax Law affect my Donors?”.

*June 14th, attended with Board member, Willie Kalaskie, CNA meeting which featured founder of La Piana Consulting. He is considered a nonprofit thought- leader.

*June 18th, conducted Belt Testing 6 BrainCare 6 students.

*June 20th, will conduct Belt Testing 1 Mosaic student & 6 OurHouse students.

July 26th at the Hanmadang GrandMaster Duaine Harris, along with Master Rosenna Bakari and myself attended the 2nd Para Taekwondo Introductory Seminar.

*The Seminar was hosted by GrandMaster Michael Sirota (Founder) Global Para-Taekwondo University. Great working with Master Tina Feraca & Master Susan Richards who will be starting a Para-taekwondo program soon in Carolinas.

Team DuMyon were successful at the 10 Annual US Open Hanmadang, each medaled in Forms & Breaking competition…. JOSIMNIDA !!!

*July 27th the 10 Annual US Open Hanmadang at World Arena. Team DuMyon was the first and only Para-Taekwondo Team representing the USA at this international event. Coming home with 4 gold medals & 4 silver medals in forms and breaking competition. DuMyon also provided 20 + spectator passes for students of BrainCare, OurHouse, Mosaic & CHS. Team DuMyon has set the bar on Para-Taekwondo in the US.

*DuMyon provided 5 tournament registrations, uniforms & warm-ups for competitors along with embroidered belts. Coaches: GrandMaster Duaine Harris; Tim Grove for Mosaic; Karen Migneault for OurHouse; and Dominique Ross for CHS.

Elpomar Emerging Leaders Development program participants Leadership Plenty workshop Aug. 2018.

*August 9th and 10th El Pomar Foundation Leadership Plenty Training. Attended Board members: Karen Migneault, Roberta Finch and myself. Emerging Leaders Development (ELD) Program continues to make significant progress facilitating the process for developing diverse leadership potential with a strong interest in broad-based community involvement, civic engagement and service on nonprofit broad’s and commissions.

Students of DuMyon practicing their testimonials with Pikes Peak Toastmasters Aug. 2018

*August 15th four of DuMyon students attended Pikes Peak Toastmaster at an early 6:44am meeting to present their testimonials in front of professional speakers. They were well received & enjoyed the gracious tips provided by the Toastmasters.

The week prior to our 3rd Annual Celebration & Fundraiser, DuMyon conducted board breaking to all students for table giveaways.

*August 23, 3rd Annual Celebration and fundraiser at Stargazers Theatre (Combined demonstration with Teams Mosaic, OurHouse, BrainCare and CHS participants).

Thank you to all of our Sponsors.....


3rd Annual Celebration and Fundraiser Sponsors


DuMyon’s 4th Annual Celebration

Thursday August 22, 2019

DuMyon’s celebration will be held at Stargazers Theater and Event Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

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