Welcome to DuMyon Martial Arts

The Chinese character "希" means Hope

Pronounced "Shi"

The word "DuMyon" is Korean for Uncommon / Rare.

Pronounced "Dew myun"

DuMyon Martial Arts 501(c)3 Tax ID #47-3897071

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We are a Proud Para-Taekwondo Program

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Our Mission Statement:

DuMyon Martial Arts’ primary goal is to serve the Colorado Springs region as a resource for their citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or have been designated as at risk youth in the following areas:

    • ▪ Self-defense training
    • ▪ Special Needs Taekwondo training
    • ▪ Awareness and Prevention seminars & workshops for Medical Occupations
    • ▪ Seasonal events to develop positive mental, spiritual, moral, physical and technical
      • discipline for self-improvement/ social skills, and to ultimately build confident and respectful citizens
      • Seasonal events include Taekwondo tournaments (local,Special Olympics, Hanmadangs), seminars, workshops, camp-outs, field trips, and other positive family-centered activities.
      • Our pledge is to provide a positive, safe environment for the students and patrons at all facili- ties. We actively pursue sponsorships from local businesses and private individuals to provide financial assistance to under privileged individuals in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area who have a diagnosed special need(s) and/or have been designated as at risk youth. Spe- cial consideration will be given to families who present low-income evidence; single parent households; mentally challenged individuals; and those who are in special programs for at risk youth. Students who excel as positive athletes and role models may also be rewarded with a partial sponsorship.
      • Our organization holds a strong belief our martial arts program provides these indi- viduals an enhancement of their overall quality of life.
      • The program
      • "DuMyon" is Korean for “Rare / Uncommon” and Martial Art is defined as the ‘Art of the Military.’ Many martial arts programs only advertise teaching people to defend them- selves. With DuMyon Martial Arts, individuals learn self-defense, one-step sparring, forms, and full/non-contact sparring (depending on physical abilities); and relevant Kore- an history of the sport. DuMyon Martial Arts trains well-rounded martial
      • artists in regulated levels, not only through physical tasks, but also by mental tasks main- tained prior to upgrading. Home rules, along with guidance for parents / care providers to assist students, are also provided.


May 4th, 2015

DuMyon was created as a Non-Profit .